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Shop, Buy, lease, or finance the latest most advanced professional cosmetic lasers. Your clinic can once again be profitable with the latest advancements and competitive offerings of cosmetic lasers from MedLaser USA . Take advantage of our leasing & financing program with minimal money down, low monthly payments, and a easy online application. Shop our latest exciting line up of new cosmetic lasers for sale!



A premium laser hair removal machine with enhanced effectiveness. Elysion is an affordable high powered diode laser reducing the time per session as well as number of sessions required. Offering an affordable option that brings profitability back to laser hair removal.

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Buy the best laser tattoo removal machine for your medical spa. The Lucid Q PTP is luxurious, affordable, and effective FDA approved Q Switched laser tattoo removal machine available with 4 wavelengths. Remove virtually all tattoo colors and do more treatments like pigmentation, toning, peeling, carbon peeling, and facial vascular conditions.

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The Dual Accento is a Alexandrite & Nd:YAG laser with fiber delivery. A multifunctional laser for hair removal, sun damage, rejuvenation, pigmentation, veins, acne, and tightening.  Similar technology as the GentleMax Pro laser but without the hefty price tag. Save money and add the results driven Dual Accento laser to your clinic.

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Cellene is the ultimate multi-platform for skin rejuvenation with both fractional dot CO2 / RF-combined energy, and optional GYN attachments. Cellene combines a synergy technology by using a combined delivery of CO2 laser with radiofrequency (RF). 

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Ruby Star a 694 nm Q Switch ruby laser is an affordable ruby add on to your existing tattoo removal business or clinic. A fast operating system providing ultrashort pulse durations of 25-30 nanoseconds. Target ultra rare colors or take an advanced approach to pigmentation issues.  

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Aqua Peel is a water microdermabrasion system using a 3 part cleansing solution combined with a vacuum exfoliation process consisting of nutrients and moisturizing ingredients to improve skin quality. The vacuum tip sprays and suctions the cleansing solution skin providing a microdermabrasion process removing the impurities, oil, dirt, and sebum from the skin. Affordable with a high ROI.   

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Pre-Owned Or Used cosmetic lasers for sale. Browse MedLaser USAs featured pre-owned cosmetic lasers and medical equipment for sale. Used cosmetic lasers can offer significant upfront savings. Learn more about available use cosmetic lasers for sale at MedLaser USA.    

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Cosmetic Lasers For Sale

If you are looking to buy brand spanking new cosmetic lasers at affordable prices, MedLaser USA has all the popular types of cosmetic lasers for sale at competitive prices. We give medical spas, physicians in the US, and around the world easy access to the best technologies at competitive prices. You can also take advantage of our cosmetic laser financing programs to reduce the burden of ownership and lower your payments. We have specialized cosmetic lasers for sale as well as all treatment options that can cater to a variety of aesthetic and medical needs.

Buy Cosmetic Lasers for Sale, Shop Today for the Best Deals on Medical Spa & Cosmetic Laser Equipment

MedLaser USA is your #1 source for buying cosmetic lasers for sale. At MedLaser USA you can buy, rent, sell, trade or lease all types of new, used or pre-owned cosmetic lasers for sale. Buy high quality, premium cosmetic lasers for sale online for the lowest and very best prices. At MedLaser USA you benefit by getting to select and choose which cosmetic lasers for sale that you buy among the largest selection best-selling, top most popular brands, and highest demanded cosmetic laser treatment systems for sale in the industry. At MedLaser USA we offer all types of cosmetic laser service solutions and for all business types, we specifically choose the lasers we carry by affordability, quality, durability, value, results, and the latest advancements in cosmetic laser technology.

Whether your business is brand new, or well established, we offer the most affordable cosmetic lasers for sale, matched with the latest cutting-edge technologies, available, and ready to buy or ship provide your business with the best resources and cosmetic lasers for sale. Maximize your business service offerings by adding the top money making and highest revenue generating laser machines providing the latest laser treatment systems in the industry today!

Buy New Cosmetic Lasers for Sale

Shop for New Cosmetic Lasers for Sale

In addition to our wide selection of high performance laser systems, we also offer the latest technologies when buying brand new cosmetic lasers for sale. Choose brand new, latest technology with options to extend warranties or browse our selection of used cosmetic lasers for sale. At MedLaser USA you can not only buy the latest technology available on the market today, moving forward beyond your competition, but also benefit from the longevity of brand new equipment, system life, availability for parts, service, dependability, and profitability! Business with the latest technology can provide the most advanced cosmetic laser treatment outcomes while also quickly capitalize on revenue, profits and greater sustainability.

How Do Cosmetic Lasers Work?

There are many different types of cosmetic lasers and to define how they work depends on the specific laser wavelength and the type of technology. Most popular cosmetic lasers are used for laser hair removal and tattoo removal. Other types of cosmetic lasers are commonly used for skin rejuvenation procedures targeting facial veins, pigmentation, and skin tightening procedures. Different types of laser wavelengths can be viewed a spectrum of light or also called wavelengths. Each wavelength has different properties that targets components of the skin like melanin or blood vessels and some wavelengths absorb different amounts of these properties in the skin. Because of this, each wavelength can produce different effects. When you buy the latest cosmetic lasers from MedLaser USA we also provide device-training options which can include a on-site clinical trainer which will review important information such as laser physics or laser science so you’re confident with your equipment and fully knowledgeable on how cosmetic lasers work.

The word laser stands for light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation. The process of amplification is not the device but the amplification of light. Further understanding more about characteristics of lasers can be defined greater by several quantities: wavelength, frequency, velocity, and amplitude. To be a master of your equipment, understanding every aspect of the science and physics of your cosmetic laser is important because the user controls the outcome and safety of the patient treated.

Any laser consists of four primary components which allow a laser to function which are an active medium or what makes the laser like a diode bar or a laser crystal, excitation mechanism or power supply, feedback mechanism like laser power mirrors and optics, and output coupler or the front, a partially transmissive mirror.

Example of active mediums or what actually produces the wavelength or type of laser are solid, gas, liquid, or electronic. Examples of solid lasers are Nd:Yag, Ho:yag, Er:yag or erbium, Ruby, and alexandrite. Gas lasers are copper bromide, Co2, argon, and helium neon. Liquid lasers are dyes and electronic lasers use semiconductors such as diode lasers. Laser physics or science is fun and at MedLaser USA we can teach you all about the specific cosmetic laser you buy from us.

Best Place to Use Cosmetic Lasers:

Lasers can be found in many different settings or places. Such as military, industrial, hospital, and different types of clinic settings. Cosmetic lasers are specifically used and found in medical spas, beauty spas, physician offices, plastic surgery, and dermatology. Cosmetic purposes define different beauty procedures that would resolve potentially troubling issues such as pigmentation, excessive hair, unwanted veins, skin conditions, and more.

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons go through many years of schooling and training to learn how to properly used specialized equipment like cosmetic lasers. Many states are expanding rules and regulations to allow licensed aestheticians to operate non-ablative procedures like IPL or hair removal and provide business opportunities to aestheticians that have received the proper training.

There are some clinics, which only provide laser hair removal and allow the general public affordable prices to remove unwanted hair. The cosmetic laser industry or medical spa industry is rapidly growing, further allowing opportunity for business owners or investor to enter into the business with following proper regulation and rules.

What is a Cosmetic Laser?

Some people can get confused of what a cosmetic laser actually is. We have seen or heard people mistaken Hifu or CoolSculpting as a laser, they are not. Those devices are not cosmetic lasers but they are cosmetic devices. Additionally, a IPL is not a laser! There are many different types of lasers and again they can be defined by wavelength to determine what they can be used for or what their property is. Going back to what a laser means which is again, Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation is the process of a normal atom being excited and created a chain reaction releasing photons of laser light. The characteristics of laser is coherent or a wave patterns are locked in phase, Collimated or stays together as a tight beam of light, or monochromatic which is produces pure colors of light.

Its important to look at monochromaticity when thinking of cosmetic lasers and that monochromaticity means that laser produces pure colors of light. This does not mean that only 1 color is produced. Surgical lasers are used for thermal effects and color is only grossly important because it determines how well the energy is coupled as heat into tissues. Deramtology and cosmetics is an area where color specificity is becoming important. For example, treatment of different pigmentation issues like portwine stains and other vascular issues.

People do get confused and think an IPL is a laser but it is not. They also get confused with BBL or IPL which are the same thing. BBL is broad band light which uses a high powered lamp in the head of the unit to put out bright white or broad spectrum light. Filters are then placed in the head of the unit to limit the output to a various wavelength. The filters must be kept clean and scratch free as these are what mimics or creates the wavelength. They do have wide spread use, IPL cannot be compared to the intensity and effect of a laser. A true laser is superior to a BBL or IPL.

Buy Pre-owned Cosmetic Lasers for Sale

Shop Pre-owned & Used Cosmetic Lasers for Sale

Let MedLaser USA help you select the right device based on your needs and budgets to add the cosmetic laser treatments that are best for your business. Now that you have found the best place to buy new and used cosmetic lasers, you can finally explore all of the best options available to you! We have the largest selection of new, used and pre-owned cosmetic lasers for sale and offer system mode configurations that are right for your business!

Buy, Rent, or Lease All Types of Cosmetic Lasers

MedLaser USA offers you the best cosmetic lasers for technologies when searching or shopping for the top and most popular aesthetic and cosmetic lasers for sale today! MedLaser USA customers can immediately benefit from the delivery, installation, set-up, on-site training, parts, warranty, and continues support based on selected system you choose. Select and choose among the most very most reputable & popular laser brands when buying the latest cosmetic lasers for sale in the industry today:

If for any reason we do not have the specific cosmetic laser for sale that you are searching for, including the specific year, make, model, software, attachment or mode when buying the exact type of cosmetic lasers for sale that you are searching for, we will then work diligently to locate the type of equipment or otherwise do our best to find or offer you a comparable unit based on your immediate needs and circumstances when searching for the best cosmetic lasers for sale.

Additional Available Systems Include:

MedLaser USA offers a wide variety of cosmetic lasers for sale, in addition to many other popular items such as: IPL Systems, Cryo 6 Topical Cooling Systems, Smoke Evaluators, Chiller Systems, Aspirators, and more for sale. All equipment, inventory and availability is subject to change, and MedLaser USA does not make any promise that all makes or models of equipment is guaranteed to be in stock at time of sale. In the event we do not have the specific year, make and model you are searching for we will do our very best to locate it for you.

Types of Cosmetic Laser Machine Treatment Options

What type of laser treatments can MedLaser USA help my business provide?


IPL or Photo-Facial

Skin Tightening

Skin rejuvenation

Laser Hair Removal

Pigmented Lesions

Vascular Lesions

Acne or Oily Skin

Fine lines, wrinkles, Striae

Fractional Resurfacing

Ablative Skin Resurfacing

Non-Ablative Resurfacing

Cellulite Reduction

Body Shaping & Contouring

Fat Reduction RF or Freeze

Tattoo Removal

Hydro Facial Systems

RF Micro-Needle Systems

Stretch marks

Pore Size Reduction

And more!


Our inventory of aesthetic lasers for sale features all the latest pieces of equipment across all the popular types and brands. We can cater to your specific need and budget with a comprehensive range of medical lasers for sale that include but is not necessarily restricted to applications such as:

  • Hair Removal Lasers
  • Tattoo Removal Lasers
  • Removal of Pigmented Skin Lesions
  • Removal of wrinkles, scars, and discoloration
  • Equipment for every type of treatment possible

You can also find great add-on types of equipment that improve your quality of service such as the Zimmer Cyro 6 cooling system, which mitigates pain and thermal injury during laser treatment procedures. Talk to us today to get more information on your requirement and the amazing deals on offer.

Cosmetic Lasers for Sale in all 50 States, National Leader #1 in New and Used Cosmetic Laser Services

MedLaser USA delivers National Laser Services for the most advanced cosmetic lasers for sale in the industry nationwide. We offer the largest selection when buying brand new cosmetic lasers for sale, in addition to professional sales, plus fast & easy ordering with access to a list of supplies, parts and warranty for new equipment. Our highly selective service team delivers customers the latest technologies in aesthetic medicine. MedLaser USA can provide your business with the top cosmetic lasers for sale, and new systems all backed by our professional and knowledgeable service. MedLaser USA has set a new standard in cosmetic lasers by delivering premium products, affordable prices and superior service.

Largest Cosmetic Laser Service Areas

MedLaser USA delivers full service cosmetic laser solutions nationwide for latest cosmetic lasers for sale in advanced technology for aesthetic medicine, including IPL, KTP, Diode, Alexandrite, Ruby, Nd:YAG, Cryolipolysis, RF, Micro-needling and Ultra Sound technology cosmetic multi-platform treatment systems. Contact MedLaser USA to tell us about your situation and we will review all of your options with you in order to help you best grow your business together! Visit us today and browse through the latest advancements of New or Used Cosmetic Lasers for Sale. You can even visit our certified pre-owned cosmetic laser program which offers businesses greater peace of mind for shoppers with a specific make, model, cosmetic laser treatment type, or budget. MedLaser USA provides the best sales, service and support for all of the United States and global markets.

Whether you are located in Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Middle East, South Africa, Oceania, or Asia MedLaser USA is prepared to support you! MedLaser USA delivers business all over the world with the latest technologies and affordable prices for the best new and used cosmetic lasers for sale.

As long as your local city can be reached by plane, train, or automobile, we can help! All that is required is for you to contact us today and let us know your situation for help and service. MedLaser USA provides 100% free scheduled laser consultations, and we are waiting to best assist you!

Financing Cosmetic Lasers for Sale

Allow your business to benefit from buying or leasing all types of cosmetic lasers for sale. MedLaser USA provides cosmetic laser equipment, parts, service and training for the widest range of equipment options. MedLaser USA is your #1 resource to buy, rent, sell, trade and finance cosmetic lasers and aesthetic equipment.


Buying Used or New Cosmetic Lasers for your business today is easy!

  1. First, select a New or Pre-owned Cosmetic Laser for Sale from our inventory.
  2. Second, if you have a system you wish to trade-in for cash or credit, just let us know.
  3. Third, complete a short application & let us know your anticipated monthly budget.
  4. Last but not least, select the amount of cash, if any put down, and the term for equipment


If you would like to select (12 month, 24 month, 36 month, 48 month, 60 month, etc.) and if you would like to own, or return, the equipment after the selected term. Just let us known your specific type of equipment needs or monthly budget and we help you find the most appropriate and affordable program for your business when buying new or used cosmetic lasers for sale.

Commitment To Service & Excellence

At MedLaser USA we offer the most advanced cosmetic laser technologies available, matched with affordability and support. We believe in value, which means premium products, affordable prices, and superior service. At MedLaser USA we are built to serve you! Please contact our professional staff to help find you the best solution for your business demands and needs today!

Why Buy Cosmetic Lasers From MedLaser USA?

There are many compelling reasons why many physicians and spas trust MedLaser USA when they wish to buy new aesthetic lasers. These include:

  • An extensive inventory of popular and latest cosmetic laser equipment from reputable brands
  • Competitive pricing which beats other players in the market
  • Impeccable customer service available 24/7 request options
  • Standard manufacturer-backed warranties and options to extend
  • Availability of cosmetic laser financing options
  • Adherence to strict ethical practices


Decades of experience distributing, buying, repairing cosmetic lasers, and also providing the much-needed training on equipment use when carrying out specific procedures.

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If you are searching for attractive deals on high quality cosmetic laser equipment for sale, MedLaser USA has you covered. You can buy new aesthetic lasers from brands that provide the latest advanced technology. Talk to on of our experts today to get answers to all your questions on aesthetic lasers for sale, or place your order. Call us today at +1 888 284 2486 or mail to You can also Send Us a Message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Welcome to the home of aesthetic lasers!