Elysion-Pro Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Best Profesional Laser Hair Removal Machine

Best in class laser hair removal machine, longer life, increased durability, proven reliability, no cosumables. 

Variable Spot Sizes & Greater Power

18 x 10 mm & 10 x 10 mm sizes, ultra short pulse technology, and greater power with up to 2000 W.

Durable - Run All Day 

Enhanced internal technical design, latest advancement, enhanced durability. Longer life & cheaper to run. 

Extended Warranty Options

Option to extend warranty up to 3 years! We stand behind the durability of elysion-pro.

Affordable - No Hidden Running Costs 

No consumables, reliable, low maintenance requirements, longer life, premium laser hair removal equipment.

USP Ultra Short Pulse

More effective laser hair removal with ability to product 20J/10ms, other lasers capped at 20J/40ms

Elysion-pro, Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

BLACK FRIDAY SALE $69,995 $52,995.00
(Pricing valid till 11/10-11/24/2023)
Estimated Monthly Payments:
36 months: $2,282 per month
48 months: $1,764 per month
60 months: $1,460 per month
Key Benefits :
  • Easy to Operate
  • Lower cost of acquisition
  • 2000 W of power
  • 18 x 10 mm & 10 x 10 mm Hand Piece
  • Higher Efficiency & Speed up to 15 Hz
  • Low Maintenance Requirements
  • Longer Life
  • Extended Warranty Options
  • Increased Durability due to technical design. 
  • Proven Reliability 
  • No Hidden Running Costs
  • Gold Standard 810 nm Diode
  • Effective & Affordable Laser hair removal machine
  • Safe On All Skin Types
  • Faster Treatment Types with True In Motion Mode

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FDA Approved for Laser Hair Removal

• Hair Removal with Static and Dynamic modes intended for permanent reduction in hair regrowth, defined as a long term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re-growing when measured at 6, 9, and 12 months after the completion of a treatment regime.

• Treatment of Pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB)

• Use on all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI).


A premium laser hair removal machine with enhanced effectiveness. Elysion is a high powered diode laser reducing the time per session as well as number of sessions required. Offering an affordable option that brings profitability back to hair removal. Reduce your overhead with Elysion diode laser hair removal machine, no consumables, durable due to enhanced technical design, longer life, more efficient internals producing consistent power, and true square beam delivery. Do not be mistaken by cheaper lower powered diode lasers that will not provide the results of Elysion. Pro results for a clinic that cares about their customers. 


810nm: Our most powerful solution thanks to its versatility and effectiveness related to its high power (2,000W). Safe for all skin types. Boasting 2 spot size options, 10 x 10 mm or 18 x 10 mm for large and small ares. Elysion-pro pioneers the market to be the best professional laser hair removal machine due to its versatility. There are 3 markets for laser hair removal machines, low power, medium power, and high power. The Elysion-pro pioneers in the high-end high power diodes for PRO results, maximum profitability, and longer life. 


Elysion diode laser hair removal machine has seen on a global scale 1 million treatments, 5,000 devices on the market, and in over 40 countries. Elysion has been proven to be a reliable device manufactured by an industry leader, Cocoon Medical headquartered and manufactured in Spain. Cutting edge development and latest technical design has proven to be effective, safe, conformable, and profitable. Elysion professional laser hair removal machine been developed to be the new generation of diode laser hair removal with high power, USP technology (ultra short pulse), gold standard 810 nm diode, 2 spot size options, 2 operational modes, and monitored for consistent updates. The Elysion-pro platform has positioned itself as the best laser hair removal machine option on the market due to its versatility and efficiency. 


Elysion-pro is the best laser hair removal machine because of USP or Ultra Short Pulse technology, uniquely designed to offer a more effective laser hair removal treatment. To achieve the elimination of cells that generate hair growth Elysion-pro delivers energy in a Ultra Short Pulse that targets and directs heat specifically towards the cells that regrow hair limiting heating of unnecessary surrounding skin. This means less pain, more effective treatment, less over all treatments, and truly effective laser hair removal. While other diode lasers are inefficient, provide poor heating of surrounding skin, and inefficiently produce high heating on the skin causing increased pain and less effective laser hair removal treatment. Elysion-pro is the next generation laser hair removal machine that is a must have for your clinic. 

Elysion A Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine

The Elysion (810nm) system is a Next Generation laser hair removal system, and new standard for energy delivered based on the latest advancements in aesthetic medicine.  The Elysion diode delivers practices today with the latest and most modern enhancements including both Diode and (Ultra-Short Pulse) energy delivered technology, capable of delivering much greater energy and under less time than ever before. The Elysion diode system is the perfect laser hair removal machine to buy or add for any medical practice looking for a safe, fast, effective or more comfortable professional laser hair removal machine to buy for the business. 


Why Is the Elysion The Best Professional Diode Laser Hair Removal System to Buy?

The Elysion diode system is a perfect option for most any business buying a professional diode laser hair removal machine.  The Elyison is a suitable choice for any new business, office, established practice, or any hospital group that is interested in buying or adding a professional laser hair removal machine to specialize in the treatment or service offerings of laser hair removal for all skin types, all-year-round, including Fitzpatrick I – VI, and tanned skin. With the Elysion diode laser your business can take advantage of all the major and added benefits, including; the acquisition of new equipment, affordable pricing, greater ROI, lower operating costs, extendable warranties, reliable service, durability and long term use.


Are There Any Consumables or Hidden Costs?

No, the Elysion-pro laser, just like it’s successor the Primelase, does not have any expensive hidden fees, costs,  or consumables. This series of professional laser hair removal machines are very reliable and straightforward, and offer businesses today with the most additions and added benefits.  There are no consumable fees or hidden costs associated with the Elysion professional laser hair removal machine diode system.


Is the Elysion (810nm) Diode Laser Difficult to Use?

Built with a large 10.4” Touch Screen and ready-to-navigate with intuitive software, the Elysion professional laser hair removal machine is very simple to use, with adjustable settings, and intuitive software design built for ease of use for the operator. Operator navigation, settings, and adjustment is exceptionally friendly to find ease of use when navigating or operating the Eslysion diode laser system. 


What Makes the Elysion the Best Professional Laser Today?

Combined with high energy, deep absorption, variable pulse width, faster delivery (Ultra-Short Pulse) technology, and arguably the best diode hand piece in the industry, the Elysion diode is designed to provide better efficiency, exceptional comfort and maximum results. The Elysion utilizes up to 2000W of diode energy to deliver the precise control of adjusted or tailored energy based on the needs of skin, and while additionally protecting, limiting and protecting the surrounding area of skin.


What are the Major Benefits of the Elysion Laser System?

  • The 810nm wavelength, a Gold Standard in Laser Hair Removal Treatments
  • FDA Cleared (All Skin Types, Small or Large Areas + Tanned Skin)
  • Latest Generation in Diode Lasers (Static or Dynamic Mode)
  • Effective Treatments - High Melanin Absorption
  • Low Cost to Maintain - Low Cost to Operate
  • Major Return on Investment - High ROI
  • Ultra-short Pulse Delivery - High Efficacy 
  • High Peak Power (2000W / 140j Delivery)
  • Wide Range - Pulse Duration - Less Time on Skin
  • Exceptionally Fast Speeds (Up to 15Hz)
  • Deeper Penetration & Faster Results
  • Crystal Freeze – Maximum Comfort Cooling
  • No Down Time - Schedule Lunch Break Treatments!


What is the Difference Between Static & Dynamic mode?

The frequency in the pulse repetition is 1, 2, or 3Hz in static mode and up to 15Hz in dynamic mode. Users get the choice to benefit from two different spot sizes, where one attachment feature may offer 10x10 and there other 18x10. The Elysion is a great solution for safe, fast, powerful, and effective professional laser hair removal machine that delivers its operators a multitude of spot sizes, speed, pulse width and power options to achieve maximum outcomes & the best intended results.


What is USP (Ultra-Short Pulse) Technology?

 The Elysion Ultra-Short Pulse technology has been developed to change the way we evaluate laser hair removal & hair depletion technology today, in new better ways than ever before. With better precision & more timely control the Elysion Ultra-short energy pulse adjustments deliver optimal temperatures to successfully destroy the follicle of the hair, and without creating damage to the surrounding or unintended areas of the skin.  Ultra-Short Pulse technology is an efficient technology to maximize the profitability of ownership over time in every shot!


Is the Elysion Safe on all skin types?

Yes, the Elysion 810nm Diode Laser is FDA Cleared, for treatments on all skin types, Fitzpatrick I – VI, including tanned skin. It is also designed for full body laser hair removal treatment sessions, for both large or small areas, based on qualified & necessary consultation.  Ultra-Short Pulse Technology limits the amount of laser energy that rests on skill providing safe & effective laser hair removal options when searching or buying a professional laser hair removal machine. 


What is a laser hair removal treatment, how does it work?

During the laser hair removal treatment, the Elysion (810nm) diode laser emits a concentrated light energy that travels by photothermolysis, and is absorbed by the melanin of the hair follicle and throughout the follicle and hair of the shaft. The energy created creates select damage to the follicle of the hair which is intended to destroy or impair the ability for the follicle of hair to grow. During the process the Elysium Crystal Cooling may be set to the chilled temperature & maintained at +5 degrees celsius for maximum cooling consistency and comfort. 


What type of technology does the Elysion system offer?

The Elysion (810nm) diode offers its users the latest technology when buying a professional laser machine. The 810nm wavelength has been called the Gold Standard in hair removal, as it is safe and suitable for all skin types due to its deep penetrations & high melanin absorption. The Elysion professional laser hair removal machine can deliver the necessary amount of powerful energy, and proven to deliver very gently and short purses with very little or short time rested on skin. The Elysion is a powerful, effective, fast, and gentle laser that offers clinics advanced results & comfort, it is  a first choice for any business looking to buy the latest and most affordable new professional laser hair removal machine available in the industry today!



Type Of Device:

LASER Hair Removal Device

Type Of Laser:

Pulsed Diode

Laser Emission:

Direct Via Quartz Prism

Maximum Peak Electrical:

4,500 W

Maximum Energy:



Single Phase Network 100-240V

Safety class:

Class IV laser


Laser System

Laser Wavelengths:

810 nm

Maximum Peak Power:

1600 W

Spot Sizes:

10 x 10 & 18 x 10 mm


Crystal Freeze Contact Cooling

Static Operation Mode:

1 / 2 / 3 Hz

Dynamic Operation Mode:

5-10-15 Hz

Pulse Length:

3-400 ms

Standard Warranty:

1 year


Dependent on treatment protocols



650 x 500 x 450 mm


38 Kg