Lucid Q PTP Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Gold Standard Q Switched Laser Technology

Q Switched Nd:Yag 1064 nm & 532 nm expandable Tattoo removal laser with 585 nm & 650 nm options.

Larger Spot Sizes & Greater Power

Utilize larger spot sizes, faster firing speeds up to 25 Hz, And greater power with up to a 10 mm circle spot size.

A Versatile Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

Provide your clients with pigmentation, Toning, carbon peeling, vascular treatments & more.

Faster Patient Results

Ultra short pulse duration of 5000 picoseconds means less laser tattoo removal treatments. Shorter the pulse duration = faster.

Remove More Tattoo Colors

Remove ink in virtually all tattoo. Add the optional 585 nm & 650 nm to remove more hard to target colors.

Fractional HP’s & PTP Mode Features

Target pigmentation in darker skin tones with fractional HP and utilize PTP mode for energy outputs of up to 2200 MJ.

Buy the Best Professional Laser Tattoo Removal Machine with Four Modes & Wavelengths

Estimated Monthly Payments:
36 months: $2,445 per month
48 months: $1,890 per month
60 months: $1,564 per month
Key Benefits :
  • Easy to Operate
  • Advanced Q-PTP Delivery
  • Fastest Laser Tattoo Removal Machine
  • Smart Technology with Auto-Calibration
  • Q-Switch Flat Top Energy
  • 4 Wavelengths (532nm, 585nm, 650nm & 1064nm)
  • Quasi-Long Pulse Mode for Lifting & Toning
  • Delivery Speeds Up 25hz
  • Effective & Affordable Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

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FDA Approved For Tattoo Removal, Toning & Lesions

  • Melasma
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Acne scars
  • Full face toning
  • Acne removal
  • Genesis toning also call laser genesis with Quasi-long mode


Fast & Easy to Use Laser Tattoo Removal Machine with Easy to Use Interface. Remove tattoos in less sessions, utilize more speed with capabilities up to 25 hz, and knock out larger tattoo with spot sizes up to 10 mm. You will not need to invest in a separate 694 nm ruby laser like other companies claim because the Lucid Q PTP has the option to add 2 additional wavelengths we dye 585 nm & 650 nm hand pieces. Virtually remove all colors, lighten tattoos for cover ups, and bring profitability back to your business. You will not need to interchange hand pieces to change spot sizes, Lucid Q PTP has computer aided technology which quickly changes spot size from 1 hand piece. Add the affordable Lucid Q PTP laser tattoo removal machine that is worth twice what it costs. 


Target more tattoos and provide a wide range of skin rejuvenation treatments with the Lucid Q PTP. Powerful & Smart Hand Piece Design for Q-switch 532nm, 585nm, 650nm and 1064nm Wavelengths to complete the ultimate laser tattoo removal machine combination. 4 wavelengths and speeds up to 25 hz! Fastest laser tattoo removal machine available. Extremely easy to use, fast booting times, user friendly software, and affordable. The Lucid Q PTP competes with other systems which cost double price!


Lucid Q PTP utilizes two wavelengths 1064 & 532, additional optional dye hand pieces of 585 & 650. Lucid Q PTP delivers laser power in a very short period of time as 2 pulses. In order to reduce side effects of high energy, it adopts Q PTP mode which divides the high energy into two pulses with very short duration. Lucid Q PTP effectively reduces pigmented lesions on dermis and epidermis and also minimizes the risk of side effects such as hypopigmentation, pigmentation and recurrence of Melasma, comparing to previous laser toning procedures Q PTP mode can be done in both 1064 & 532. Quasi-long pulse is a combination of toning and lifting which enables pigmented cells to absorb the laser selectively.


Lucid Q PTP is controlled by the 10.4 inch touch display with excellent visibility, operability, and ease of use. Fast and accurate treatments tailored for each patient are applicable by saving the diverse lesions of patients with a total storage space of 480 secured slots with 30 storage slots respectively for each of 15 built-in lesions and 1 user custom. This gives you the ability to pre-save settings for convenient treatment protocol. 

Why The Lucid Q PTP Laser Tattoo Removal Machine?

Buy the best laser tattoo removal machine for your medical spa. The Lucid Q PTP is luxurious, affordable, and effective FDA approved Q Switched laser tattoo removal machine available with 4 wavelengths: 1064 Nd:yag, 532 KTP, 585 Dye, and 650 dye. This device defines luxury at an affordable price compared to other lasers in its class. Removal virtually all tattoo colors and do more treatments like pigmentation, toning, peeling, carbon peeling, and facial vascular conditions.

Affordable Cosmetic Laser Replacement Parts

Lucid Q PTP laser tattoo removal machine replacement parts are a fraction of the cost as competitors. This means you will save significantly long term on parts and service. The Lucid Q PTP is the ferrari of laser tattoo removal machines without the six figure price tag. On average you will save 40-60% on total cost of ownership compared to other Q Switched lasers in its class. Put that money back into your pocket and see a higher ROI.

Remove More Tattoo Colors With the Lucid Q PTP

The Lucid Q PTP laser tattoo removal machine doesn’t just remove tattoos, it offers many other treatment options. But you may be wondering what colors tattoos does the Lucid Q PTP remove? The Lucid Q PTP laser tattoo removal machine can remove a wide range of colors necessary to effectively offer permanent laser tattoo removal to your clientele at an affordable price.

  • 1064 wavelength removes : Greens, Blues, Blacks
  • 532 wavelength removes : Browns, Reds, Oranges, Yellows, and Violets.
  • 650 wavelength (optional) removes : Greens
  • 585 wavelength (optional) removes : Sky blue

Dye Hand Pieces Mean More Treatments

The Dye Hand Pieces are an optional add on feature that provide enormous value to complete the ultimate laser tattoo removal machine. The addon Dye HPs will transform the emitted light/filter into 2 additional wavelengths of 585 nm & 650 nm. With adding on the Dye HPs you can transform the Lucid Q PTP into having 4 different wavelengths. The Lucid Q PTP laser is the most affordable and effective Q Switched tattoo removal laser in its class.

What Else Can the Lucid Q PTP Laser Do?

The Lucid Q PTP Laser isn’t just a laser tattoo removal machine. This device provides many other treatment options that you can add to your business. Additional treatment options are included: Toning & lesions such as melasma, hyperpigmentation, acne scar reduction, full face toning, acne removal, and genesis toning with the Quasi-Long feature. When adding on the Dye HPs you’re able to treat post acne redness, inflammatory acne, facial flushing, vascular melasma and more. Target epidermal pigmentations such as freckles, Cafe Au Lait spots, and seborrheic keratosis. You can provide Non-Ablative peeling, soft peeling, and carbon peeling for wrinkle reduction, pore reduction, and improving skin tones. Do more with the Lucid Q PTP laser tattoo removal machine.

Do More Treatments With PTP Mode

The Lucid Q PTP laser tattoo removal machine is one of the few Q Switched lasers that hosts the PTP feature. PTP stands for Photoacoustic Twin Pulse Mode also called PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse on similar lasers of its class. PTP is a unique laser emitting mode in which double pulses are delivered within one Q-switching cycle. Each pulse has relatively weak energy compared to the standard single Q-switched beam, but they can transfer higher peak energy (up to 60% more) to the target melanosome than a single beam because double beams are successively irradiated at very short intervals (100~130 µsec) and their energy can be accumulated. As a result, the high peak energy instantly increases the temperature of the chromophore, leading to pressure changes and vibration, which then effectively destroys the chromophore through the form of a shock wave (photoacoustic effect) for different pigmentations like melasma.

Painless Non-Invasive Carbon Peel Laser Treatment

The Lucid Q PTP laser tattoo removal machine is the best laser for non-invasive laser treatments to deliver fast, effective and immediate results. Through a short 15 minute laser carbon treatment, our Lucid Q PTP technology offers aestheticians the ability to provide more treatment options all-in-one laser system. Grow your business through carbon peeling q-switch laser technology to cleanse pores, remove oils, exfoliate skin, eliminate blackheads, correct acne, tighten and rejuvenate patient skin!

What is the history of tattoo removal?

Tattoos have been around for centuries and it is no surprise that tattoo removal has become to be a common procedure. Tattoos have been popular with many ancient civilizations such as Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and up till today's modern societies likening of body art. Tattoos have been used to enhance beauty, portray a uniqueness about oneself, also to identify or shame and even punish.  The statistics are profound and that up to 25% of today’s young to middle aged adults have least 1 tattoo.

With the increase in popularity of tattoos it also makes sense that mistakes have been made, lifestyle changes happen, and even for career decisions drive someone to seek tattoo removal. Tattoos hurt when they go on and it is not a surprise that the process can be uncomfortable when they are being removed. It takes time and costs money but the impact can be extremely positive on those who seek tattoo removal. For example, a loved ones name that is not in the picture or identifying with a particular group one doesn’t want to be associated with, or in locations of the body that professional organizations do not allow. Tattoo removal is here to stay and will continue to be a popular aesthetic laser treatment.

What are the different types of tattoos?

Tattoos can be categorized in several categories defined by professional, amateur, cosmetic, traumatic, or medical tattoos. Tattoos shouldn’t be viewed as forbidden or taboo, they are widely popular in today’s society. Additionally, tattoos can be used to benefit and improve someone’s life.  Professional tattoos are defined by using a commercial tattoo machine, which injects the ink deeper into layers of the dermis and are meant to be a permanent design. Professional tattoos tend to be the most common tattoos that are removed and require repeated visits or treatments for permanent removal. Amateur tattoos are just that “amateur” and are smaller, lighter, not as deep, and applied more on the surface of the skin or called superficial placement.

The amateur tattoos are easier to remove and typically created with hand held or homemade needle machines. Cosmetic tattoos are also considered permanent makeup and are becoming more popular addressing issues such as hair loss or micro pigmentation, eyebrows, lip liners and or enhancing facial features. Cosmetic tattoos are not your typical tattoos and can have a positive impact on someone’s life. The tattooist or artist can sometimes make mistakes or someone’s life can change, not wanting a permanent lip liner or a mistake. Having the option to remove the tattoo is an important aspect of our society and greatly impacts someone's life for the better. Having the appropriate equipment for tattoo removal to ensure a safe process, less treatments, and proper healing is quite important.

How Does Tattoo Removal Work?

 Throughout history there have been several processes to remove tattoos that lead to discovery of the most advanced technique of modern society which is laser tattoo removal. Such previous outdated techniques are considered destructive like dermabrasion, chemical destruction, cryosurgery, electrosurgery, and surgical excision. Laser tattoo removal is the preferred method and the most advanced strategy for removing tattoos. The other processes can cause extensive damage, scarring, incomplete removal, loss of pigmentation to the area and it is best to stay away from any destructive tattoo removal like chemicals or dermabrasion. Laser tattoo removal is the preferred method and is relatively safe minimizing adverse effects. Lasers and light based technology have come a long way with many advancements using a wide range of laser wavelengths to target different colors of ink with ease, minimal pain, few complications, and fast recovery.

The laser technology used to remove tattoos is Q-switched or Quality switched lasers. The actual process of removing the tattoo with the Q-switched laser is based on the concept of selective photothermolysis where different laser wavelengths target the different colors of ink or are attracted to different colors. It's important to note TRT or thermal relaxation time and that the chromophore or what the laser wavelength is absorbing is heated just long enough for the target to lose 50% of its heat. This process selectively destroys the target or ink without harming the surrounding tissue. The tattoo ink is found in the membrane-bound granules in macrophages, fibroblasts, and/or mast cells. Tattoo pigment or ink is also very small and can reach TRT very quickly which is why Q-switched lasers are used as they allow rapid heating with very short pulse durations. Once the ink is shattered, damaged by the very short pulse durations of the laser rupturing pigment containing cells the process of phagocytosis occurs.  Phagocytosis is the process of packaging ink fragments for lymphatic drainage. The ink is then processed and removed from the treated area lightening the tattoo. Tattoo removal takes a series of treatments for success typically 7-10.

What is the Lymphatic System and How Does It Work With Laser Tattoo Removal?

The lymphatic system is a network or a garden hose type network similar to veins and capillaries. Vessels carry a clear fluid called lymph.  Fluid from circulating blood leaks into the tissues on the body carrying nutrients to the cells. The fluid also bathes the tissues as interstitial fluid collecting waste products, bacteria, damaged cells. During tattoo removal the process of phagocytosis occurs and packages ruptured pigment-containing cells as a waste product, which is sent to the lymphatic system to be discarded. The process of tattoo removal can take 7-10 treatments depending on the amount of ink, color of ink, and depth the ink has penetrated into the skin. 

Buy The Best Laser Tattoo Removal Machine For Sale!

MedLaser USA is a leading supplier of cosmetic lasers and laser for tattoo removal. We have had about every type of laser come through our facility, we have tested them all, and have the experience to tell you that the Lucid Q PTP is the best laser tattoo removal machine and provides amazing value. Considering all the extra features, ability to use larger spot sizes, speeds up to 25 hz, spot sizes up to 10 mm, option to add 2 additional wavelengths to target more tattoo colors, proven technology, and durability to provide the most cost effective laser tattoo removal machine. If you're interested in learning more about the Lucid Q PTP or if you would like to buy, lease, or finance call the leaders in cosmetic lasers, MedLaser USA!

Dimension320(W) x 830(D) x 1010(H) (mm) (Include Arm H : 1620 mm)
Weight87.5 Kg
Weight including accessories96 Kg
Main voltage220/230V, 50/60Hz
Maximum power consumption3000 VA
Main current12A
Safety classClass IV laser


Laser System
Laser typeQ-Switched Nd:YAG
Wavelength1064nm / 532nm
Beam delivery systemVia 7-articulated arm
Aiming beam635nm, 5mW
Energy(@Head Aperture)

Max Energy @ 1064nm Q-Switched 1.5 mm spot size 56 J/cm2

Max Energy @ 532nm Q-Switched 1 mm spot size 27 J/cm2

Up to 2200mJ @ 1064nm PTP Q-Switched

Up to 600mJ @ 532nm PTP Q-Switched

Up to 1200mJ @ 1064nm Q-Switched

Up to 500mJ @ 532nm Q-Switched

Up to 3400mJ @ 1064nm Quasi-Long

Pulse width

5~7ns @ 1064nm Q-Switched

5~7ns @ 532nm Q-Switched

~20ns @ 1064nm PTP Q-Switched

~20ns @ 532nm PTP Q-Switched

300㎲ @ 1064nm Quasi-Long


Up to 25Hz @ 1064nm Q-Switched

Up to 15Hz @ 532nm Q-Switched

Up to 15Hz @ 1064nm PTP Q-Switched

Up to 15Hz @ 532nm PTP Q-Switched

Up to 25Hz @ 1064nm Quasi-Long

Laser coolingWater-to-air heat exchanger
Beam mode qualityTop Hat Mode
Spot size (*Optional)
Zoom Hand piece

1064nm (Ø 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.5, 9,10)mm

532nm (Ø 1, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, 7, 8.5, 9.5)mm

*1064nm Fractional Hand piece6 x 6 mm², 9 x 9 dots, Up to 5.2J/cm²
*532nm Fractional Hand piece6 x 6 mm², 9 x 9 dots, Up to 1.3J/cm²