Ruby Star

Ruby Star Q Switched Ruby Laser System

Target Resistant Tattoos With Ruby Laser

Remove stubborn inks and rare Colors effectively yet gently with 694 nm 

Affordable Addon Laser

Most affordable 694 nm Q Switched Which is a perfect add-on to Q Switch Yag.

High Peak Power & More Spot Sizes

Ruby Star offers peak power Up to 1650 MJ and a range of spot sizes from 2-10mm at 25-30 ns.

Easy To Use

Easy to use touch screen allows for storage Of settings and quick selection of settings.

Fractional HandPiece Option

Minimize thermal damage with the use of Fractional handpiece which is standard addition.

Speed For Fast Treatments

A fast 694 nm ruby laser for quick treatments With speed sup to 2 Hz.

Buy a Q-Switch Ruby Laser for Tattoo Removal

Estimated Monthly Payments:

36 months: $1,900/month

48 months: $1,500/month

60 months: $1,200/month

Key Benefits :
  • Flexible treatments
  • Safe & effective
  • Reliable System
  • Zero Consumables
  • Fast treatments
  • Optimal Wavelength for stubborn inks

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FDA Approved 694 nm Q Switched Ruby Laser



Ablation of Soft Tissue. 

Tattoo Removal 

Pigmented Lesions



Nevus of Ota



Cafe Au Lait 

Skin Rejuvenation

Fractional Resurfacing


RubyStar is a Q-switched Ruby laser, which delivers wavelength 694nm using ruby as a medium. The wavelength of 694 nm is well absorbed by melanin pigment, so it is widely used to treat pigmented skin lesions. It is also effective for removal of various color tattoos. It can also be used for black, dark blue and green colors, having a wider application than 1064nm wavelength, making it ideal for those wanting to remove tattoos. The wavelength of 694nm penetrates more deeply compared to 532nm, so it is very effective against freckles, café au lait spots and other dark lesions.


Flat top beam produces an equal beam, safe and stable treatment is available by reducing side effects. High peak power, the resonator is designed to reduce the resonance distance and increase output, so it has pulse width of 25-30ns by deleting the tolerance of pulse width of the optical. Continue even beam quality through Auto-Calibration system and faster treatment with 2.0Hz frequency and high energy up to 1650mJ


As there are 5 kinds of spot sizes, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10mm, various sizes are available depending on the region, also faster treatment is possible. (Auto Detected). Fractional hand piece is an added feature because it minimizes thermal damage by fractional hand piece. The users can choose and use 3 switches which are hand switch, wired or wireless foot switches depending on their convenience. Hand switch could prevent an accident because of the negligence during the treatment. Wireless foot switch is operated with encoded signals using World wide 2.4 GHz ISM band frequency. It reduces the discomfort of the line when moving the device or treatment.

Buy Q Switched Ruby Laser Technology

Buying a Q Switched Ruby Laser shouldn’t be complicated. If you’re interested in removing rare tattoo colors like lime green, sky blue, and teal then the Ruby Laser system is the correct choice. These colors can be difficult to remove with a Q switched 1064 nm Nd:Yag laser alone and your clinic or tattoo removal studio might need some additional tools. Buying a Ruby Laser is easy with MedLaser USA and affordable compared to other Q Switched Ruby Laser Systems. The Lucid Q PTP Q switched laser is a gold standard option for tattoo removal especially when adding the dye hand pieces, have more power to target those stubborn rare colors can be done with the Ruby Star Q switched Ruby Laser. The 694 nm laser is a great addon to any clinic who already has a 1064 nm Nd:Yag.

Q Switched Ruby Laser Treatments

A perfect addon laser for tattoo removal in conjunction to your Q Switched 1064 nm Nd:Yag laser system. Target stubborn colored inks like sky blue and greens that are a challenge with 1064 nm Nd:Yag or speed up removal of dark colors in late stage treatments that can be a challenge in some with your Nd:Yag laser. Ruby Star Q Switched Ruby laser doesn’t just remove some challenging colored inks it's also a great tool for pigmentation.

Affordable Q Switched Ruby Laser

The Ruby Star 694 nm ruby laser is the most affordable add on to your existing tattoo removal business. A fast operating system providing ultrashort pulse durations of 25-30 nanoseconds. Target ultra rare colors and take an advanced approach to pigmentation issues. Other ruby lasers in the Q Switched classification are expensive compared to the Ruby Star. Premium laser beam technology for a fraction of the cost. Target professional or amateur tattoos, traumatic tattoos, and permanent makeup. Reduce thermal damage when targeting pigmentation issues such as solar lentigo or cafe au lait spots. Buy an affordable Q Switched Ruby Laser for you clinic.


Lasert type

Q-Switched Ruby



Beam delivery system

Via 7-articulated arm

Aiming beam

LD, 532nm, 5mW

Maximum energy

Up to 1650mJ @ Head Aperture

Minimum energy

Up to 50mJ @ Head Aperture

Maximum Fluence

30 J/cm²

Minimum Fluence

0.1 J/cm²

Beam mode quality

Top Hat Mode

Pulse width


Laser cooling

Water-to-air heat exchanger

Pulse Control

Finger, Foot switch, Wireless Foot switch


Auto-calibration through external port

Display System

10.4” Touch LCD GUI

Memory Slot

420 slot


Flat-Top™ Handpiece

Ø 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 (mm)

Fractional Handpiece

6 x 6 mm², 9 x 9 dots, Up to 2.6J/cm²