Single Accento

Single Accento 755 nm Alexandrite Laser

User Friendly Interface

Operators benefit from the large 10.4 inch HD monitor offering clear visibility, easy use and control.

High Peak Power

The Single Accento boasts peak power of around 50,000 Watts, delivering the highest delivery of energy out of any Alexandrite 755nm Long Pulse Laser in the industry. Up to 600 J/CM2

Flat-top Beam

The Flat-top beam provide allows this Alexandrite Laser Machine to irradiate equal energy levels to deliver optimal results.

Accuracy with More Spot Sizes

Benefit from greater laser accuracy with more spot sizes from 2mm - 20mm which are automatically recognized by the system for user convenience and safety.


Utilize a HD Camera, built in with sub-monitor to identify lesions that are less visible to the naked eye in real time.

Hard Drive Storage

The Single Accento Alexandrite Laser includes a hard drive that saves over 400+ treatment protocols for easy recall and setup.

Buy the Best Professional Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Machine

Key Benefits :
  • Affordable 755nm Alexandrite Laser
  • Easy to Operate Alexandrite Long Pulse Laser
  • Powerful Alexandrite 755nm Laser
  • Fastest Delivery Speeds in the Industry
  • Wider Range of Treatments
  • Greater Versatility in Spot Sizes
  • Accurate Contact Cooling
  • Storage for over 400 treatment
  • Specialty of Laser Hair Removal & Pigmentation
Parameters System Indications


  • Laser type: Long pulsed Alexandrite
  • Wavelength: 755nm
  • Beam delivery system: Via optical fiber ∅ 1000µm x 3m
  • Aiming beam: 532nm, 5mW
  • Maximum energy: Up to 60J for ALEXANDRITE
  • Maximum pulse fluence: Max 600J/cm²
  • Pulse width: 0.2 – 350 ms
  • Frequency: 0.4 – 10.0Hz
  • Beam mode quality: Top Hat Mode
  • Skin cooling type: Spray cooling or Air cryo cooling
  • Laser cooling: Water-to-air heat exchanger
  • Pulse Control: Finger, Foot switch, Wireless Foot switch
  • Calibration: Auto-calibration through external port
  • Spot size: Ø 2,4,6,8,10,12,16,20 mm (Auto-Detected)
  • Display System: 10.4” Touch LCD GUI
  • Memory Slot: 420 slot

System Indications

  • General, Plastic Surgery & Dermatology
  • Permanent Hair Removal
  • Pigmented lesions
  • Vascular lesions
  • Treatment of wrinkles
  • Port of wine stains
  • Hemangiomas
  • Telangiectasia

User Friendly Touch Screen

Effective & Affordable Alexandrite 755nm Long Pulse Laser with Premium Laser Beam Quality

The Single Accento Alexandrite Laser is a very advanced 755nm Long Pulse laser due to it's ability to deliver a wider range of power, speed, pulse duration,  range of spot sizes and cooling methods vs. today's leading and most expensive alexandrite laser systems. The Single Accento is also an affordable Alexandrite laser for any business, and can be acquired and serviced for a fraction of the cost.
If your business, practice, med spa or hospital group is looking to buy, rent or lease an Alexandrite 755nm wavelength laser, the Single Accento is an excellent option. Contact MedLaser USA today to begin adding professional laser treatments for your business today!

Smart Hand Piece Technology

Advanced Fiber Hand Piece Delivery with Built-in Camera and Topical Cooling

Buy an Affordable Alexandrite 755nm Long Pulsed Laser For Hair Removal

Buy the most affordable Alexandrite laser for hair removal. The Single Accento is effective 755 nm laser built to outperform the most popular and expensive 755nm long pulse lasers in the industry. The Single Accento offers more speed, power, and spots sizes than comparable Alexandrite laser systems designed for pigmentation and laser hair removal with built in cooling.

Alexandrite Laser 755 nm Cosmetic Laser With Premium Laser Beam Quality

The Single Accento delivers the fastest speeds in the industry, at 10 hz for any Alexandrite 755nm long pulse. Where comparable systems are only able to perform at speeds between 1-3hz, the Single accento delivers about 20% more power with speeds up to 5-10x faster than substantially equivalent long pulse lasers than have six figure price tags. Perform fast laser hair removal treatments with the Single Accento Laser Hair removal machine.

Fast & Effective Alexandrite Laser Hair Removal Treatments

The Single Accento is built on advanced technology to deliver the fastest speed, energy, pulse duration, and cooing for deeper penetration and optimal results. The Alexandrite laser is gold standard technology with years of clinical studies supporting evidence of safe and effective treatments for laser hair removal, toning, and more.

Customize Aesthetic Laser Treatments for Maximum Patient Care

Benefit from variable spot sizes and pulse widths for laser hair removal and allow for complete customization of procedures based on client hair and skin types. The wavelength of 755nm alexandrite laser is highly absorbed by melanin, and is very poorly absorbed by water and oxyhemoglobin, to the 755nm is highly selective solution to treat melanin without affecting neighboring chromophore.

The Best Alexandrite Laser 755nm Long Pulse Laser For Hair Removal

Alexandrite laser hair removal is with a wavelength of 755nm is known to be highly effective and to be a gold standard wavelength. It selectively damages the black melanin in hair roots that are located deep in skin where hair originates from, in order to suppress the recreation of hair. The 755nm Alexandrite is a specialty laser designed for the removal of pigmentation and and excellent solution for the permanent reduction of laser hair removal.