Zimmer Cyro 6

Zimmer Cryo 6 Cold Air System

Advanced Cooling Technology

25 years of experiences from Zimmer developing the most advanced cooling technology.

User Friendly Control Panel

Quickly select fan speeds and different modes in a easy process to being treatments

Minizes Pain With Zero Consumables

Zimmer Cyro 6 has zero consumables and is Industry gold standard cooling system.

Perfect for Laser Tattoo Removal

Buy a Zimmer Cyro 6 for laser tattoo removal Is the ultimate addition for proper treatment.

Reliable Technology

Years of advancing the technology the Zimmer Cyro 6 will run all day long for treatments.

Custom Programming

Program different fan speeds and save Them to your liking.

Buy A Zimmer Cryo 6 Cold Air Device

Estimated Monthly Payments:

36 month: $236/month

48 month: $177/month

60 month $141/month

Key Benefits :
  • Easy Design
  • Cold Air Device From the World Leader
  • Custom Programs for Adjustable Cooling
  • The Prefect System for Skin Cooling
  • State-of-the-Art Chiller Equipment
  • Best Stand Alone Epidermal Cooling Device
  • Reliable and User-Friendly
  • Minimize Pain With Epidermal Skin Numbing

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Topical Chiller

Cryo Cold Air Device

Minimize Pain & Thermal Injury

Temporary Topical Anesthetic

Relief for injections and Lasers


The skin cooling system designed for superficial laser skin procedures. The Zimmer Cryo 6 Cold Air Device is intended to minimize pain and thermal injury during laser and dermatological treatments and for temporary topical anesthetic relief for injections. Unlike other cooling methods, such as contact cooling, cryogen spray or ice packs, the Cryo6 can cool the epidermis before, during and after the laser energy has been applied, without interfering with the laser beam. A must have for any clinic running lasers!


The use of laser therapy for a wide range of treatments with the use of cold air cooling can significantly reduce side effects and increase patient satisfaction. Cooling to 20 degrees C skin temperature proved to be a well-balanced middle course. For practical use of cold air cooling, we recommend cooling to a level which the patient can tolerate with out problems while trying to increase the energy densities for desired results. The Zimmer Cryo 6 is a proven and globally used cold air system.


The Zimmer Cyro 6 Cold Air System is a global gold standard for every med spa, dermatology clinic, and plastic surgery office. If you're running lasers in your business then the Zimmer Cryo 6 is an absolute must have system. A smart design, easy to use control panel, and limited maintenance equates to why the Zimmer Cryo 6 is a powerhouse name in aesthetics. The device is a cost efficient, not consumables or additional cost. Powerful technology for full day of operation with no waiting periods of downtime. 


Plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic practitioners around the world turn to Zimmer Cryo 6 for reducing pain during laser treatments. A gold standard and must have for laser tattoo removal due to high peak energy in short durations which allow higher energy and more efficient tattoo removal. Zimmer is a global leader and award winning medical device company with over 50 years of experience through the globe. 

Buy a Zimmer Cyro 6 From MedLaser USA

The Zimmer Cyro 6 is a industry gold standard for topical cooling and pain relief during laser treatments. During cosmetic laser treatments there is the risk of thermal injury to the skin and the Zimmer Cyro 6 helps reduce pain and thermal injury by blowing continuous ice cold air. MedLaser USA makes purchasing a Cyro 6 an easy process ensuring a smooth installation and training process.
Some laser devices have a cooling system built into the laser either with disposable air cans or a cold tip. Adding on a Cyro 6 by Zimmer is the ultimate addon for any clinic looking to maximize comfortability for their clients.
Laser tattoo removal can be painful for some. Ways to reduce pain are limited to topical anesthetic or ice packs post treatment. When buying a Zimmer Cyro 6 as a addon to your laser tattoo removal procedure increases patient comfort and provides an environment which is the gold standard for tattoo removal.

Easy To Use Settings

The device is easy to use with customizable settings for adjustable fan speed. When purchasing a Zimmer Cryo 6 you will have confidence knowing your client is comfortable. MedLaser USA is the #1 source for Zimmer Cryo 6 on behalf of Zimmer MedizinSystems. We offer competitive marketing pricing and shipping right to your clinic location. Having a warranty is important when purchasing any aesthetic medical equipment which ensures your purchase is protected. The Zimmer Cryo 6 system is a workhorse that is been designed to last with reliability. Warranties are included when buying a Zimmer Cryo 6 from MedLaser USA and are honored through Zimmer MedizinSystems. Purchase a Zimmer Cyro 6 from MedLaser USA with confidence.

Minimizing Pain With Continuous Ice Cold Air

If you are researching ways to minimize pain for your clients the cyro 6 is the best addon piece a equipment you can buy for reducing pain during laser tattoo removal or any laser treatments which don’t call for increasing the temperature of the skin. The system produces freezing cold air reaching temperatures of (-30 degrees celsius). Confidently open your clinic doors knowing you have provided the best equipment and gold standard processes for maximum patient comfort.

Save Money With a Zimmer Cyro 6

Some laser devices have the option to purchase disposable cryogen spray cans. Continuing to purchase cyrogen cans or cooling disposables like ice packs can add up and be extremely inconvenient. Eliminate disposable cooling costs when buying a Zimmer Cyro 6 from MedLaser USA. It is inconvenient to stock disposable cans for any laser device or running the risk of depleting your inventory in the middle of a laser procedure. Never experience running out of cooling disposables during a laser procedure again with continuous unlimited ice cold air for minimizing pain.

Removable Focusing Tip For Controlled Air Flow

Constant cold air will improve your clients experience with treatments such as laser tattoo removal and hair removal by minimizing pain. You are able to control the air flow with the removable focusing tip attached to the 6 feet of hose. By utilizing the focusing tip with the Zimmer Cryo 6 you’re able to target specific areas more precisely. Remove the focusing tip and you have the ability to flood a large treatment area with continuous cold air. Removing the focusing tip is perfect for large tattoo areas or utilizing it post treatment.

An Affordable Solution Every Office Needs

The Cyro 6 by Zimmer is the perfect solution topical cooling and increasing patient comfort for all laser treatments that call for cooling. MedLaser USA is the #1 source for buying a Zimmer Cyro 6 and is also support with full warranties honored by Zimmer MedizinSystems. The device is easy to use and has the ability to run all day long for continuous treatments. The device is a must have piece of equipment for every office that owns lasers. The Zimmer Cyro 6 is truly an impressive system that is invaluable and worth every penny. The device is extremely easy to use and starts with a push of a button. Call MedLaser USA to purchase your Zimmer Cyro 6 today!


Delivers Cold Air Down To -30°C

Power Supply 115 V / 60 Hz

Max. Power Consumption During Therapy 1 KW

Standby-Mode 260 W / h

Cooling Duration Long Term

Glass Top Treatment Hose Length 6 ft.

Housing Dimensions H 25″ / W 15″ / L 27″

Weight 132 lbs. (including glass plate)

Cooling Fans 9 levels, max. 1000 l / min

Device Class EN 60601-1 I, Type B MDD / MPG Class IIa