used 2006 asclepion mediostar xt for sale

2006 Asclepion Mediostar Xt


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 2006 Asclepion Mediostar XT

 Your Price: $2,500

Manufacture Date: 2006

Buyer responsible for recertification

Warranty: Sold As-Is (None)

Condition: Used/Pre-owned has 1 bad wheel.

Accessories: Hand piece, foot switch, power cord, (1) operator safety glasses

Total Number Of Pulses: 1,204,121

Shipping:  FOB Freight On Buyer

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Product Description:


Laser Type:High Power Diode
Cooling:Integrated Contact Skin Cooling
Wavelength:808 nm
Repetition Rate:0.5 to 4 Hz, (4 pulses/sec)
Spot Sizes:6 mm & 12 mm (square)
Fluence:44 J/cm2 (12 mm)/90 J/cm2 (6 mm)
Pulse Width:5-500 ms
Peak Power:500W
Electrical:100-240 VAC, Switchable 50/60 Hz
Dimensions:36 x 60 x 97.5 cm



MeDioStar XT Indicated Uses –
Laser Hair Removal
Vascular Treatments
Pigment Lesions

MeDioStar XT Benefits –
* 500 ms pulse width allows you to safely treat darker skin types (I-VI)
* 500 Watts peak power allows for energy to effectively target and destroy deep follicles
* User friendly design allows for fast learning curve for laser technicians
* Unique output control enables treating nearly any hair diameter or hair color.
* Cooling Contact Device – reduces pain and maximizes patient protection by delivering a constant cooling onto the top layers of the skin. Contact Cooling reduces the need for cooling gels and expensive anesthesia for most patients. Best of all, it helps decrease treatment time and allows for quick recovery. * The possibility of varying the duration of the laser pulse to up to 500 ms allows for safe treatment of dark and tanned skins as well.
* The increased pulse duration combined with the skin cooling prevents thermal damage, such as burning, to the epidermis.