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2019 Lumenis PiQo4 Laser

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 2019 Lumenis PiQo4 Laser For Sale

Price: $122,000 SALE $55,995

Manufacture Date: 2019

Original List Price: $225,000

Buyer responsible for recertification

Warranty: Sold As-Is (None)

Pulse Count: 8,100,000

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36 Months: $1,825 monthly payment

48 Months: $1,411  monthly payment

60 Months: $1,168 monthly payment

Product Description:

This unit is a pre-owned 2019 Lumenis Piqo4 Q switched pico second laser.

PiQo4 brings unique technology

with combination of unsurpassed advantages

Pico + Nano

First, the Nanosecond pulses are used to deliver short bursts of energy that break down the larger and deeper pigment or ink particles. Then, the area is rescanned with Picosecond pulses that dismantle the smaller and shallower particles. This combination yields far better results than using either one of the technologies on its own.


High Energy

The high energy levels of PiQo4 allow pigment/tattoo removal with fewer treatments compared with other competing laser systems. They can be set as either Nano or Pico, for dual pulse treatments.


Deep Reach

With PiQo4, your customers will appreciate the faster treatment results with shorter treatment sessions. PiQo4’s larger spot sizes allow deeper penetration into the dermis and better dispersal of the pigment or embedded ink particles.


4 Wavelengths

Each pigment color absorbs a specific wavelength – PiQo4 offers 4 wavelengths in order to treat the broadest range of pigment/tattoo colors, on the widest range of skin types. Its four wavelengths – 1064nm, 532nm, 650nm and 585nm – target the most frequently used tattoo colors ranging from light orange to dark black.


Picosecond Technology

A picosecond is one trillionth of a second!
A picosecond laser emits optical pulses with extremely short duration of between 1 picosecond and some tens of picoseconds. The nature of picosecond lasers allows for absorption of wave pulses that generate a brief and precise photo-thermal effect within the targeted area – alongside ultra-structural and intrinsic chemical modifications in association with rapid changes involume. This is also called photo-acoustic effect, for the popping sound it creates. By passing these waves through the skin in the area of the tattoo or pigmentation, the laser breaks the ink particles – leading to chemical and structural changes in the skin, thus allowing the particles to fracture, and be disposed by our own body’s lymphatic system.

Nano + Pico for Doubly Effective Treatment

The combination different laser pulse durations provide an optimal method for shattering all sizes of pigment particles