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Cynosure Palomar Icon

MedLaserUSA offers used and pre-owned or refurbished Cynosure Palomar Icon cosmetic laser machines for sale and rent. The Cynosure Palomar Icon™ laser is the next generation of platform technology. It incorporates laser and Optimized Pulsed Light into a single platform that delivers a comprehensive suite of in-demand treatments. The system employs a combination of IPL and Laser technology. IPL, unlike laser, uses many wavelengths of light with special filters that allow the best wavelengths for the treatment of specific cosmetic conditions. The Cynosure Palomar Icon delivers


Cynosure Palomar Icon
Voltage 90-264 VAC
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Speed Up to 3 Hz (pulse rate)
Max Power 1600 VA
Weight 104 lb (47.1 kg)


Cynosure Palomar Icon Patented Innovations

The Cynosure Palomar Icon cosmetic laser system boasts advanced patented innovations including:

Skintel® Melanin Reader

The technology promotes super-fast cosmetic laser treatments and superior results meaning less time invested by patients, increased patient satisfaction, and more business for your Medspa. Skintel® determines the skin’s average melanin density before commencing treatments.

Advanced Contact Cooling™

Makes sure the temperature stays at 5 degrees Celcius during treatments ensuring unmatched patient comfort and skin protection.

Hexagonal XF™ Microlens

This allows for high speed non-ablative fractional resurfacing over increased target areas. Practitioners, in 15 minutes or less, can perform full face, one-pass treatments.

Photon  Recycling™

Cuts energy losses to maximize treatment results promoting patient comfort


Dual filters designed to minimize thermal unintended exposure promo

Smooth Pulse™

Smooth Pulse™  is a proprietary light delivery system that allows practitioners to use greater amounts of energy

Intuitive Interface

An advanced user interface that boasts a treatment tracking technology that promotes streamlined procedures


The Cynosure Palomar Icon™ laser is manufactured by Cynosure, a leading name in cosmetic laser technology.

System Includes

The Cynosure Elite+™ laser system includes:


  • Skintel® Melanin Reader
  • You can also get a variety of Cynosure Icon Handpieces to treat a host of aesthetic conditions – MaxG, 1540 Fractional, MaxYs, 2940 Fractional, 1064+, MaxR, and MaxRs.



Some of the pros of using the Cynosure Palomar Icon™ laser machine include:

  • Skintel® Melanin Reader & High-Quality Cooling
  • Superior Results:- The Cynosure Palomar Icon™ laser machine is regarded as one of the best platform technologies in the industry for spas looking to offer skin improvement laser treatments.


Skin Type and Color

The Cynosure Palomar Icon™ laser can be customized to treat any skin type and produce exceptional results.

Service and Warranty

When you buy a usedCynosure Palomar Icon™ laser, the equipment is inspected to ensure quality. All used Cynosure Palomar Icon™ laser machines for sale first go through refurbishment and get tested to make sure they give you value for money.


When you buy a Cynosure Palomar Icon used cosmetic laser machine, you can enhance the capabilities of your practice by offering Icon™  laser treatments including:


  • Wrinkle Reduction laser treatment
  • Leg Veins laser treatment
  • Stretch Marks laser treatment
  • Scar Laser Treatment
  • Vascular Lesions laser treatment
  • Skin Resurfacing laser treatment
  • Laser Hair Removal

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