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Used 2003 Cynosure Acclaim 7000


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Used 2003 Cynosure Acclaim 7000 For Sale

Price: $2,995

Manufacture Date: 2003

Buyer responsible for recertification if applicable

Warranty: Sold As-Is (None)

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Pulse Count: N/A

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Product Description:

The Acclaim 7000 Nd:YAG laser allows you to expand your practice by offering cosmetic procedures such as hair removal, treatment of leg and facial veins and sun-damaged skin. The Acclaim 7000 offers selectable parameters for customizing treatment based on skin and hair type, improving outcomes on a variety of patients.

  • Treats a wide variety of skin types (I-VI), including tanned skin.
  • Provides high-peak power to effectively treat fine hair.
  • Effective treatment of facial and leg telangiectasias
  • Successfully treats a wide variety of vascular lesions.
  • Selectable laser parameters and spot sizes allow for a targeted approach to all veins.
  • Quick and easy procedure with no patient downtime.
  • Offers multiple applications, faster treatments, and greater patient throughput, making your practice more productive and profitable.