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Used 2015 Deka Smart Xide 2 Co2 Laser


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Used 2015 Deka SmartXide 2 Co2 Laser

Price: $30,000

Manufacture Date: 2015

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Warranty: Sold As-Is (None)

Accessories: Fractional Scanner, x3 Internal (vaginal) and x1 External (Vulvar) hand pieces. x3 Protective Goggles

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36 Months: $1,304 monthly payment

48 Months: $1,008  monthly payment

60 Months: $834 monthly payment

Product Description:

Many disorders related with women’s intimate area are often overlooked and ignored because they are perceived as an inevitable consequence of a natural physiological process that occur as a result of childbirth or menopause, for which little or nothing can be done. It is thought that these disorders may have an important impact both physical discomfort (pain, burning, incontinence), and psychological, causing an adverse effect on the relationship with the partner and quality of life in general. SmartXide2 is the new CO2 laser system specifically designed for V2 LR (VulvoVaginal Laser Reshaping) and MonaLisa Touch®, the breakthrough procedure developed by DEKA known worldwide for treating age-related and postpartum vulvovaginal troubles. A unique solution for women without the adverse side effects of drug therapies.

SmartXide2 , with V2 LR configuration, offers the latest breakthrough laser treatment for vulvo-vaginal problems (MonaLisa Touch®) and cosmetic/ functional female genital surgery. These safe and minimally invasive procedures present a new alternative to: • pharmacological therapy for post-menopause or postpartum atrophy of genital mucosa;

• surgical treatment of vaginal laxity;

• pharmacological analgesic therapy for dyspareunia due to postpartum perineal trauma;

• annoying or invasive treatments for urinary incontinence;

• traditional plastic surgery for correction of vulvo-vaginal morphological alterations due to hereditary factors, pregnancy or natural ageing. To perform these innovative procedures, DEKA has designed a new radiofrequency CO2 laser, with the exclusive PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology that generates pulses specifically developed for V2 LR applications (D-Pulse or DEKA-Pulse), together with proprietary HiScan V2 LR scanning system.

MonaLisa Touch® is the application of unique DEKA CO2 lasers on the vaginal walls by using specifically designed probes. To render this procedure absolutely safe and fast SmartXide2 is equipped with an exclusive pulse, called D-Pulse or DEKA-Pulse, together with a fractional emission mode that have been proven to be effective in restoring the atrophic vaginal mucosa by stopping ageing and inducing a true rejuvenation. A detailed histological investigation carried out by the University of Pavia has demonstrated these ultrastructural aspects in-depth. The laser acts directly on the mucosa by stimulating the metabolic activation of the fibroblasts and the biosynthesis of collagen. The vagina rolls back the years regaining extramatricial components and water, thickness of the connective tissue and epithelium, thus recovering trophism, tonicity, elasticity and firmness as when it was younger. Restabilizing the natural turnover of the epithelial cells the natural conditions for nourishment of lactobacilli is restored; pH goes back to lower levels, reactivating the acid barrier to pathogens. In this way the regenerated mucosa restores its physiological functionality that it had lost over the years. Not only cure but prevention! Thanks to the treatment MonaLisa Touch® it is possible to slow down the aging process, while preserving the functionality of the vaginal mucosa. A simple and safe way for all women who want to regain the intimate part of their femininity.

Since the introduction of fractional CO2 laser technology, DEKA V2 LR procedure has given a new boost to the development of genital mucosa treatments. The Missing Solution to Postpartum Intimate Problems Postpartum sexuality is an important aspect of women’s health. Many women commonly experience postpartum sexual problems such as Dyspareunia due to lactational atrophic vaginitis or following perineal trauma. Consequently, painful sexual intercourse is the most common sexual problem for puerperae and represents both a physical and psychological problem for many women and their partners. In these situations, an early and sensitive management is crucial in preventing long-term problems. Today, thanks to the capabilities of MonaLisa Touch® to stimulate tissue regeneration, it is now possible to resolve these situations delicately and safely. The treatment acts gently by stimulating collagen production, improving the functionality of the treated area and restoring the proper trophic balance of the mucous membranes. Non Surgical Tightening for Vaginal Laxity Stretching of the vagina and introitus can occur from vaginal delivery or to be part of natural ageing process. Vaginal laxity may be a bothersome condition to patients that may impact on “happiness and sexual function”. Thanks to the effective action of the D-Pulse, MonaLisa Touch® improves and replaces also the most common techniques for treating vaginal relaxation due to a loss of tone of vaginal mucosa. When inserted in the vagina by using the special probe of the HiScan V2 LR scanning system, the laser acts directly on the mucosa of the walls, tightening, reshaping, toning and stimulating tissue and regenerating collagen. Stress Urinary Incontinence Recent studies show that MonaLisa Touch® is largely effective in treating one of the most embarrassing symptoms that seriously affect many women after childbirth or in menopause: mild urinary incontinence. The beneficial stimulation of vaginal tissues, due to the DEKA-pulse CO2 laser emission, re-establish the proper functionality of urogenital involved structures. This allows restoration of correct urinary continence, with a dramatic positive improvement in the quality of life, both physically and psychologically.

Reduction labiaplasty, vaginal reshaping or clitoral unhooding performed with SmartXide2 offers better results and safer procedures than a scalpel. In fact, laser coagulates, minimizes scarring and swelling, reduces the patient’s post-op discomfort, and increases the firmness and elasticity of the mucosa while stimulating collagen production.

DEKA developed the SmartXide2 system capable of supplying energy with the dedicated pulse shape called D-Pulse or DEKA-Pulse, derived from dermatological experience, but taking into account the peculiarities of vaginal mucosa. The D-Pulse consists of: • an initial part with constant and high peak power for rapid and painless superficial removal of the epithelial component of atrophic mucosa characterized by low water content; • a second variable part, with lower peak power and longer emission times, that allows the laser energy to penetrate in the mucosa and stimulate it properly in-depth. The result is the structural improvements needed to restore the trophism and full functionality of the supporting structures of the vaginal walls. With MonaLisa Touch® the combined use of D-Pulse and DEKA fractional emission mode (DOT Therapy) guarantees effective and durable results and unrivalled advantages: Safe. The DOT therapy laser energy is distributed in small spots (called DOTs) of 200 microns separated from each other by healthy tissue. This is important to achieve the right mechanisms of regeneration without side effects. Minimally Invasive. The D-Pulse structure allows the right penetration of the CO2 laser in the connective tissue. The penetration is beyond the epithelium for activation of the regeneration, without any risk to all the surrounding tissues and organs. Painless. The MonaLisa Touch® procedure is absolutely painless inside the vagina (no anaesthesia) and well tolerated on vulva. The treatment takes only a few minutes of application to get an important and deep stimulation. Unique. MonaLisa Touch® is a trademark of DEKA. The first and only laser procedure to be used for reducing vaginal atrophy and laxity. Effective. MonaLisa Touch® is the sole procedure demonstrated not only with clinical results, but also by histological and ultrastructural detailed studies.