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Used 2015 Syneron Elos Plus


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Used 2015 Syneron Elos Plus For Sale

Price: $29,995

Manufacture Date: 2016

Buyer responsible for recertification

Warranty: Sold As-Is (None)

Accessories: Sub RF, SRA, Motif HR

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36 Months: $864 monthly payment

48 Months: $644 monthly payment

60 Months: $513 monthly payment

Product Description:

eloˉ s Plus: The Complete, Multi-Application Aesthetic Work


Offers a full range of the most in-demand applications

elōs safety
Treats all skin types due to the advanced safety measures on the eloˉ s Plus platform

elōs results
Uniquely combined of optical and radiofrequency energies for highly effective results

elōs results
Uniquely combined of optical and radiofrequency energies for highly effective results

elōs Technology: It’s Brilliant

eloˉ s technology (electro-optical synergy) is a revolutionary step forward in the practice of aesthetic medicine. eloˉ s enables a safer and deeper penetrating combination of optical (laser or pulsed light) and radio frequency energies.

By combining these energies, the optical fluence can be lowered by up to 60% for safer, more comfortable treatments while yielding the desired clinical efficacy.

How Works
1. Optical energy is selectively absorbed by the target tissue and

converted into thermal energy, pre-heating the target tissue.

2. RF current flows between the electrodes, creating a diffuse heating in the dermal layer and causing additional thermal impact on the target tissue.

3. Simultaneously, the epidermis is cooled by the chilled applicator tip which increases the skin’s impedance, further protecting the epidermis and forcing the RF energy to penetrate deeper into the pre-heated, lower impedance of the target tissue.

  • Lower optical energy means lower risk to epidermis
  • RF energy enables deeper thermal penetration into the tissue
  • RF is chromophore independent and not selectively absorbed by melanin
  • The key to eloˉ s safety is Active Dermal Monitoring


Active Dermal Monitoring (ADM)

is an integral part of eloˉ s technology. It is a skin impedance feedback mechanism that provides a unique safety feature.

During the application of the RF energy portion of the pulse, the device measures changes in the skin’s impedance (ISM – Impedance Safety Measurement), indicating a change in the tissue temperature. The Impedance Safety Limit (ISL) limits how

much the temperature in the dermis in allowed to increase during treatment.

ADM ensures that effective thermal profiles are achieved.

  • Higher total energy can be delivered to the target, without risk of epidermal damage
  • Higher treatment depth due to RF
  • Enhanced selectivity and targeting


NEW triniti Plus – 3 Treatments in 1 Session

  • Treats all 3 – skin rejuvenation, wrinkles and non- ablative resurfacing
  • Treatments performed sequentially, during the same office visit
  • Combined eloˉ s energies (light + RF) and Sublative RF fractional technology for overall rejuvenation
    In a study, 80% of subjects showed improvement after 1 treatment.

SR/SRA for Color Correction

• For treatment of benign pigmented and vascular lesions

• Combined eloˉ s energies (light + RF) precisely target pigmented and vascular lesions which gradually fade

Sublime Non-Invasive Wrinkle Treatment

• Fine wrinkle treatment, reveal a smoother and a more even complexion

• Combined eloˉ s energies (light + RF) precisely heat the dermal tissue stimulating collagen production

Sublative for Texture Improvement

  • Improvement of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, skin irregularities and striae
  • Fractional radiofrequency initiates a strong wound healing response while minimizing the damage to epidermis

Motif “Pain Free” Hair Removal

• Combined eloˉ s energies (diode + RF)
• NEW Motif Vantage has the largest spot size available for fast treatments.

Acne Treatment

• Combined eloˉ s energies (photodynamic therapy + RF) selectively targets sebaceous glands and bacteria

• RF reduces activity in the sebaceous gland while blue light energy destroys active acne

LV / LVA for Vascular Lesions and Leg Veins

• Combined eloˉ s energies (optical + RF) provides controlled selective thermolysis to eliminate vascular lesions

• Treatment of vascular lesions, leg veins and smaller resistant vessels, including fine telangiectasis