Used 2016 Cynosure Palomar Vectus


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Used 2016 Cynosure Palomar Vectus Laser For Sale

Price: $30,000

Manufacture Date: July 2016

Warranty: Not Included None, Sold AS-IS

Shipping: Shipping & Crating is Estimated $500-1200

Estimated Financing:

36 Months: $1,175 monthly payment

48 Months: $920 monthly payment

60 Months: $760 monthly payment



Vectus offers the largest spot sizes for the fastest treatments possible which means more throughput and an improved ROI.


Hair removal is the #1 requested energy based aesthetic treatment, with 12.2 million procedures worldwide in 2013.1 It is expected to grow to 12.9 million procedures in 2016.1 Nearly all women over age 12 engage in hair removal on a regular basis1 , but males are a rapidly growing patient segment.2


• Spot size is 14% larger than the nearest competitor.

• 2.5X faster treatment than a leading competitor.

• Faster treatments means happier patients, more throughput, and an improved ROI.


Uniform Laser Beams 

• Reduces hot spots for optimal treatment efficacy.

Advanced Contact Cooling

•Improved patient comfort.


Photon Recycling

• Reduces hot spots for optimal treatment efficacy.

• Our advanced Photon Recycling technology can increase fluence 1.5 – 2X*, and help to maximize treatment results.


Small Sapphire Optic Large Sapphire Optic Spot Size 12 mm x 12 mm 23 mm x 38 mm Maximum Fluence 100 J/cm2 20 J/cm2 Pulse Width 5 ms – 300 ms 5 ms – 300 ms Wavelength (Nominal) 800 nm 800 nm Repetition Rate Up to 3 Hz Up to 3 Hz Coverage Rate Up to 4 cm2 /s Up to 17 cm2 /s Maximum Peak Power 2,200 W 3,000 W Electrical Requirements 90-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz (20 amp circuit required), Max Power Input 1100 W Dimensions 22.9” (58 cm) L x 21.4” (54 cm) H x 40.5” (103 cm) D, not including boom Weight 124 lbs. (56 kg); modular and mobile design