Used 2017 Bison Dual Accento


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Used 2017 Bison Medical Dual Accento Laser For Sale

Price: $60,000

Manufacture Date: 2017

Warranty: 90 days

Accessories: 2-20 mm Spot Sizes

Usage Counts:

Alexandrite: 357,489

Yag: 141,161

Shipping: Shipping & Crating is Estimated $500-1200

Estimated Financing:

36 Months: $1,933 monthly payment

48 Months: $1,495  monthly payment

60 Months: $1,235 monthly payment


Product Description

The Dual Accento combined laser system is indicated for the following:

755 nm Long Pulsed Alexandrite Laser

Temporary hair reduction, stable long-term or permanent reduction through targeting of melanin in hair follicles.
Treatment of bening pigmented lesions. Treatment of Wrinkles. The photocoagulation of dermatological vascular lesions (such as port of wine stains, hemangiomas, telangiectasis)

1064nm Long pulsed Nd:YAG laser

the removal of un-wanted hair reduction, for stable long term or permanent hair reduction and for treatment of PFB to all skin types Fitzpatrick I-VI including tanned skin. Treatment of photocoagulation and hemostasis of pigmented and vascular lesions such as port of wine stain, hemangiomna, warts, telangiectasia, rosacea, venus lake, leg veins and spider veins. Coagulation and hemostasis of soft tissue, benign pigmented lesions such as lentigos (age spot). Solar lentigos (sun spots), café au lait macules, seborriheic keratosis, nevi, chloasma, verrucae skin tags, keratosis, tattoo reduction (dark color) and plaques. Pigmented lesions to reduce lesion size and patients with lesions, reduction of red pigmentation in hypertrophic and keloid scars where vascularity is integral part of scar, treatment of wrinkle.

Permanent hair reduction is defined as the long term, stable reduction in the number of hairs re- growing when measured at 6,9, and 12 months after the completion of treatment regime.

Dual Accento is the unique device combination with Alexandrite laser (755nm) and Nd:YAG laser (1064nm Long pulse). The combination of two different wavelengths makes DUAL ACCENTO a highly effective system for hair removal and pigmented lesions treatment.

The 755nm penetrates deep into the skin and perfectly targets hair the follicle and absorbs melanin.
The Dual Accento performs with high efficacy of the pigmentation problems without damaging tissue structures adjacent to the pigment. The wavelength of 1064nm Nd: YAG long pulse rejuvenates the skin by stimulating the collagen layer of the dermis and effectively treats vascular lesions and is appropriate for all skin types when used for hair removal.

Fast Booting Speed

* Dual Accento is ready to begin treatment immediately due to the internal temperature control of the laser resonator system which make the system stable.

High Peak Power

* A new design of the high voltage source achieves laser peak power of around 30,000 Watts (Nd: YAG) and 50,000 Watts (Alexandrite) respectively.

Flat Top Beam

* Dual Accento exclusive technology with the Flat Top Beam laser allows energy to irradiate evenly reducing side effects such as HPI (Post- Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation).

Various Spot Size

* Different spot sizes are available by replacing the tips of the hand piece. The system detects the size change and update the information in the control system. Spot sizes are available 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20mm

User Friendly UI

* The user can change alexandrite Nd: YAG with a single touch of the screen. The high- resolution monitor 10.4 inches provides good visibility and easy control.


* With the addition video camera with LED light in the hand piece, the user can check injuries which is less visible to the naked eye in real time through a sub- monitor(also included). In addition, User can see more accurately the treatment because 5x zoom is possible.

Cooling System

* Hair removal procedures demands for high energy and continuous treatment which can cause skin burns or PIH as the side effect. To prevent this side effects a user can select the best cooling methods for patients and setup different modes for cooling spray.

Smart Cooling

* The Dual Accento has 2 methods of cooling: * Cyrogen Gas or Zimmer Cyro 6 Attachment

  • *  Most trusted and utilized wavelength for laser hair removal globally
  • *  Only laser with sufficient melanin absorption and peak power to effectively remove finer, lighter hair
  • *  Has proven long-term results for permanent hair reduction in skin phototypes 1-IV1,2 and is considered the ‘gold standard’ for treatment of these skin types
  • *  The Alex wavelength is preferentially absorbed by melanin and an optimized pulse width efficiently targets small to medium follicular structures with less thermal diffusion
    • *  Greater depth of penetration than other lasers
    • *  Lower melanin absorption (ideal for darker skintypes)
    • *  Long-pulsed Nd:YAG is considered the safest wavelength for hair removal in skin types IV-VI, as well as tanned skin – it safely and effectively targets larger deeper follicular structures in darker skin types