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Tips for Buying An Aesthetic Laser

MedLaser USA specializes in keeping our customer’s up-to-date with the latest technology and information. We offer laser rental and purchase options for both new & used aesthetic laser equipment. When working with us we promise to work diligently to find you the best aesthetic & cosmetic laser for your business. Because we are completely brand agonistic, you can count on us to make sure you have the best piece of cosmetic & aesthetic laser or surgical equipment.

When buying a laser there are 3 important questions to consider when reviewing both your current or future aesthetic & cosmetic laser needs. Before making any decisions, review these tips for buying an aesthetic laser:

  1. Does the laser provide great results?
  2. Will the laser allow me to be most profitable?
  3. Who will provide parts and service?

As we are bombarded daily with fast & new digital product offerings, determining the best aesthetic & cosmetic laser device for your business can become quickly overwhelming. Aesthetic & cosmetic laser manufacturing category leaders also do a tremendous job bringing products to market through web creation, social media, billboards, and booths at conventions. However, a major pitfall is that many of these systems fall short of the advertised promise and rarely shake the industry providing dramatic results vs. past working technologies.

Claims on new products can both over promise and be quite misleading with hefty price tags well in the 6 figures.

An aesthetic laser is as only capable and as good as its physical properties. For example, a wave-length can only effectively target a color, pigment, or ink its properties will absorb; not reflect. Meaning a laser is a laser and a fork is a fork. A spot size that is too large for a treatment area can unnecessarily subject the surrounding skin to adverse effects. A laser that lacks high peak power or energy may be restricted and limited from achieving its wave-length properties optimal results. At MedLaser USA we offer affordable aesthetic & cosmetic laser options that provide the right tools, power, spot sizes, and cooling options to achieve safe and effective patient outcomes.

Don’t let any manufacturers promise you the world with the next generation system. Be certain to research the clinical science and outcomes behind the science and data of the wavelength. Make your aesthetic & cosmetic laser purchasing decisions are based on the clinical information, ability to generate a profit, and the ability to affordably service and support your device.

At MedLaser USA we can help you find the right aesthetic & cosmetic laser to fit your needs whether its a used aesthetic laser or a brand new aesthetic laser.

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