Scar Treatments

Scar Treatments

What is Laser Scar Treatment?

What is a scar?

Scars form as the body heals a skin lesion caused from trauma, accidents, surgery, or infection. Scars can take many forms, with some appearing large and red and others smaller and more sunken. They can be uneven in texture or smooth.

How does this condition occur?

When the skin is cut or damaged in some way, the body will repair it from the inside. To do this, new collagen fibers are created to cover the damage. The resulting scar tissue is sometimes bumpy and not as smooth as the original skin, due to this healing process.

What type of methods are used to treat scars? Discuss 1064 Nd:YAG and CO2 Laser

Several methods exist for treating scars. Some involve over-the-counter topical treatments and natural remedies designed to help the scar fade over time. One of the more effective ways to remove scars is laser therapy. Lasers can remove scars much more quickly and completely.

What types of lasers are used to treat scars?

Various lasers are utilized for scar removal. The Nd:YAG laser is a common laser used in scar treatments that emits light at a wavelength of 1064 nm. This light is able to get to deeper layers of the skin in order to break up the scar tissue. CO2 laser resurfacing is another option that uses pulsed light energy to take off tiny layers of skin. Both are non-invasive and painless.

What is Laser Scar Treatment?

Laser scar treatment is a non-invasive method of removing scars that uses light from lasers to remove or damage scar tissue. Sometimes small layers of skin are removed, and in other instances, lasers work beneath the surface of the skin to remove the scar. The end result is smooth, undamaged skin.

What are the benefits of laser scar treatment?

Though scars are not usually any cause for health concern, they can be damaging to a patient’s self-esteem and confidence. Removing the scars can help restore this and make a patient more confident. One of the main benefits of laser therapy for scar removal is that lasers are painless and require very little healing.

Who is a good candidate for laser scar treatment?

Most patients can receive laser therapy for scar removal. It is important that patients not be pregnant and not have any severe illnesses. The treatments work best on lighter-skinned patients; however, dark-skinned patients can still see results.

What is the average cost of a scar laser treatment?

The average cost can vary from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. The cost is affected by the necessary amount of treatments and also what area is being treated. Insurance does not typically cover scar removal.

How many treatments will I need to remove my scar?

Patients usually need one to three treatments in order to completely remove a scar. The total number of treatments will depend upon the type of scar and its size. The area of the body that the scar appears on can also affect the cost.

How long will each treatment take?

Typical sessions take about thirty minutes each. The size of the area being treated can affect how long the session takes. The type of scar and its severity can also affect treatment time.

How far apart are treatments?

Appointments are usually scheduled three to six weeks apart to allow the skin some time to heal. Your doctor will work with you to determine the most ideal schedule for your scar removal.

What should I expect before the treatment?

Before treatment you should discuss your options with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Your doctor may ask questions about cold sores, as patients who experience cold sores may have a break out due to the treatment. Your doctor will also ask other health questions in order to determine if you’re a good candidate for the treatment.

What should I expect after the treatment?

You should expect to feel some itching where the skin was treated. You may also experience some light swelling, but this should resolve on its own. Additionally, you’ll need to cleanse the treated areas several times a day and follow a good skin care regime in order to protect the treated areas.

How can I prepare for treatment?

To prepare for the treatment, you should not use any anti-clotting medications for two weeks prior to your appointment. You should also avoid smoking before and after the treatment. Keep out of the sun in order to prevent any skin damage.

Where can I go to find a treatment?  

Nearly any plastic surgery clinic will offer laser resurfacing for scars. Some dermatology clinics also offer this option.