Utah Medical Laser Laws

Utah Medical Laser Laws & State Regulations


R156-11a-611. Standards for Approval of Mechanical or Electrical Apparatus.


(3) The use of any procedure in which human tissue is cut or altered by laser energy or ionizing radiation is prohibited for all individuals licensed under this chapter unless it is within the scope of practice for the licensee and under the appropriate level of supervision by a licensed health care practitioner acting within the licensed health care practitioner’s scope of practice.


25) “Practice of basic esthetics” means any one of the following skin care procedures done on the head, face, neck, arms, hands, legs, feet, eyebrows, or eyelashes for cosmetic purposes and not for the treatment of medical, physical, or mental ailments: (e) cosmetic laser procedures under direct supervision of a licensed health care practitioner as defined by rule, limited to the following: (i) superfluous hair removal; (ii) anti-aging resurfacing enhancements; (iii) photo rejuvenation; 28) “Practice of electrology” means: (b) cosmetic laser procedures under the general supervision of a licensed health care practitioner as defined by rule, limited to superfluous hair removal.

2012 UT SB 40 signed by the Governor on 3/23/2012, defines ablative procedure, cosmetic medical facility, cosmetic medical procedure, non-ablative procedure, superficial procedure and supervisor. The bill prohibits the use of the term “medical” when advertising a facility that performs cosmetic medical procedures under certain circumstances; exempts certain licensees from the definition of cosmetic medical procedures; and establishes standards for the supervision of cosmetic medical procedures. The bill also amends the practice of medicine and provisions setting forth “unprofessional conduct.”